Arredatori Associati


As enterprising as ever, Arredatori Associati offers young and upcoming designers and design academy students the opportunity of developing projects* for us. Our aim is to encourage and favour original interior design proposals in an innovative mix with classic items of furniture in a veritable spirit of research and experimentation.

Interested designers are invited to submit us their profiles and projects by filling in the opposite form.

Selected drawings and/or photos of prototypes developed on the basis of these original proposals will be published in the site, and projects actually put into production will be earmarked.

* Submitted material must in no way violate any third party rights, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial secrets, confidential information and other property and personal rights. Please be informed that any material is submitted for free and shall not be returned. Please be further informed that Arredatori Associati reserve the right to decide on what material to publish and on its use, if any, at its own discretion.


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