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It was back in 1950 when Dante Stefanelli first decided to step into the future and enlarge his business, which had till then traded in antique furniture. Following in its founder’s footsteps, there’s no limit to interior decoration requirements the company now caters to – from modern designer and modular furniture to all types of fittings and complementary objects d’art.

Since 1983, when Dante Stefanelli passed away, Arredatori Associati, the current name of the company, has been managed by his daughter Adele and his son Enrico. In 1989 a new store was opened in Via Marconi in Bologna to cater to increasing demand but since 2000 the company has concentrated its resources in its original store in Vergato, closing down the one in Bologna. That’s also when Enrico Stefanelli left the firm and his place was taken over by Antonio Cerati.



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